Whoops…..Asleep at the Wheel, Again

Since at least February, and possibly as early as March 2019, the United States has had compelling intelligence that a committed adversary, Russia, paid bounties to Taliban-linked fighters to kill American troops in Afghanistan. American service members were reportedly killed as a result.”

“To this day, the president of the United States has done nothing about it.”

Medicynical note: How do you excuse such incompetence. First you deny that there were ever reports on Russian targeting of U.S. servicemen in Afghanistan. If that fails you maintain that if there were reports all of the responsible parties in government didn’t see them or weren’t briefed on them. And then when it turns out they were printed in presidential briefing materials, you say they were never fully proven……all this while the President promoted Russian interests several times…….over U.S. interests. Is this incompetence, Or treason?

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