Lie…..about everything……Trump’s America

Trump’s election strategy relies on non-stop, repetitive, redundant, obvious, grotesque, blatant lying. It worked before, why stop now.

“Mike Pence is the guy you’d want in your foxhole. You might be out of ammo, bleeding profusely and about to be run over by a tank, but the hard-praying vice-president would assure you that total victory is assured and it will all be over by Christmas.”

“The Baghdad Bob of Washington was on top form on Friday, reassuring an anguished nation that up is down, square is round and an all-time high of daily coronavirus infections is proof positive that America has flattened the curve.”

Medicynical note: States that took few if any precautions and then prematurely stopped even doing the minimum are dealing with the massive spread of the COVID-19 infections. Their patients with serious infections are increasing dramatically increasing hospital ICU use to capacity.

Yet Pence is unimpressed. In his Pence/Trumpian dream-like narcotized state he calls the explosions of ICU cases a statistical anomaly from increased testing. As death rates increase, despite better treatments, he makes the argument that Trump has handled the epidemic……you guessed it,…….purrfectly.

The nearly 130,000 dead, are piously prayed for and “honored,” with little regard for the thousands more coming. We’re in a Twilight Zone of sorts where more illness and deaths are good signs and precautions and prevention are signs of weakness. That’s the Trump/Pence delusion.

Each day another insult to our intelligence.

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