240 years later America Can’t get The Vote Counted

Before Georgia’s embattled election officials can fix a voting system that suffered a spectacular collapse, leading to absentee ballots that never got delivered and hourslong waits at polling sites on Tuesday, they must first figure out who is responsible.”

“As multiple investigations begin into what went wrong, and as Democrats accuse the state’s Republicans of voter suppression, a picture emerged Wednesday of a systematic breakdown that both revealed general incompetence and highlighted some of the thorny and specific challenges that the coronavirus pandemic may pose to elections officials nationwide.”

Medicynical note: The Supreme Court’s abandonment of the voting rights act in 2014 after 49 years of fair elections, opened the door to political suppression of minority voters in the south. This carefully planned persecution combined with the staggering incompetence of the voting bureaucracy in southern states have affected election outcomes and undermined confidence in this key process in a democracy.

I previously observed such corruption and incompetence only in third world countries. Once the envy of the world our democracy and system of elections has become politicized and manipulated. The Supreme Court and those who are suppressing the vote bear responsibility.

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