Trump Fails………Again

Economic and social chaos from a failed presidency. Putin loves it. He and Trump communicate regularly. Our guy (sic) is too dumb or simply too self absorbed to understand. That’s what sociopath/ psychopaths do. His bible picture photo-op is obscene.

“I still see occasional news reports that describe Trump as a “populist.” But Trump’s economic policies have been the opposite of populist: They have been relentlessly plutocratic, centered largely on a successful effort to ram through huge tax cuts for corporations and the rich, and a so far unsuccessful attempt to take health insurance away from poor and working-class families.”

“Nor have Trump’s trade wars brought back the good jobs of yore. Even before the coronavirus plunged us into depression, Trump had failed to deliver major employment growth in coal mining or manufacturing. And farmers, who supported Trump by large margins in 2016, have suffered huge losses thanks to his trade wars.”

Medicynical note: The worst most corrupt presidency in history, and yes it’s Putin’s crowning achievement.

Does anyone except maybe billionaires, non tax paying corporations, and the radical right think they are better off today than 4 years ago?

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