He Lies…..Again……and Again…….and Again

This time it is to continue the fiction that stopping travel from China in January saved thousands of lives.

In fact 40,000 travelers from China returned to the US after the so-called ban. Virtually no precautions were take to protect those travelers or us. His ban did nothing….nada!

So it is surprising…..wait…nothing is surprising with this president. Trump now claims that because he heroically stopped travel from China that travelers went to Italy and that’s why the outbreak in Italy was so bad.

“It is a perplexing claim because, as we have reported before, Italy stopped all flights to and from China on Jan. 31. Although the White House announced its travel restrictions on China the same day, they did not go into effect until Feb. 2.”

Medicynical note: Nice try Donald, if you had asked someone or bothered to check you’d have known that Italy stopped all travel. ALL travel, from China to Italy was stopped two days BEFORE Trump enacted his partial ban.


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