Trouble in Paradise–Ecuador and Covid-19

CALI, Colombia—Images coming out of  Guayaquil,a port city on Ecuador’s Pacific coast, are as grim as anything the world has seen since the COVID-19 pandemic began.”

“”We are living in hell.”— Blanca Moncada, journalist for El Diario Expresso in Guayquil”

“As the death toll has overwhelmed hospitals and morgues, bodies have been abandoned in the streets or left to decay in houses, cargo trailers, and parking lots. The smell of the exposed corpses sticks like bile in the throat, and flocks of vultures wheel above the city waiting their chance to feed on human carrion.”

Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 7.56.47 PM

Medicynical Note:  Terrible things happening in Ecuador and other countries with limited health care facilities.  Not that we’re doing so well here.

The point is however, that Guayaquil is located near the equator with daily temperatures in the 90’s.  Those who engaged in Trumpian magical thinking and assumed that covid-19 would go away in warm weather may be terribly wrong.

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