No Shame….Trump

Trump’s amazingly ineffective response to the covid-19 epidemic is again highlighted.   Thank you China.

“The New York governor said Saturday the Chinese government was facilitating a shipment of 1,000 donated ventilators to his state, highlighting the extreme measures leaders are taking in what has become a cutthroat scramble to independently secure enough lifesaving devices during the coronavirus pandemic. ”

And our President who has presided over the dismantling of our government’s epidemic response team over the past three years wants to be thanked for his too little too late dysfunction.

“Leaders like Cuomo have been forced to go outside normal channels and work with authoritarian governments and private companies”

“The rush to secure supplies has prompted intense squabbling between the states and federal government at a moment the nation is facing one of its gravest emergencies.”

“Trump said states are marking inflated requests for medical supplies when the need isn’t there and suggested he had a hand in the ventilator shipment arriving from China to New York. Trump also said he’d like to hear a more resounding “thank you” from Cuomo for providing medical supplies and helping quickly add hospital capacity.” (emphasis medicynic)

Medicynical Note:  Trump’s chaos defines the U.S. response.  No organization; Inexperienced staff:  Mixed messages; and of course always the need for trumped up praise for our totally out of the loop leader…….you know who.

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