Trump: Making America Ungreat………for the first time in 100 years

America’s disengagement on the coronavirus fight is part of a broader retreat from the world. From the Paris climate change accord to multiple trade agreements, the Trump administration has unwound decades of U.S. leadership on a range of issues.”

“But such is the severity of this crisis that America’s absence could permanently affect its standing, ceding ground to an ascendant China in the great game of global influence, analysts said.”

“”I do wonder whether this really is an inflection point in the international system,” said Nathalie Tocci, the head of the Italian Institute of International Affairs and a former foreign policy adviser to senior European Union leaders.”

“”Here in Italy it is going to change for good the perception of who is leading in the world, and it’s not the United States,” she said. “It’s so strong what is happening. It’s so powerful and it’s so traumatic. The emotions that it ignites today are going to be engraved in the national narrative.””

Medicynical note: After denying the significance of the covid-19 epidemic for two months, the world has moved on under the leadership of more competent authorities. The WHO is leading the response in conjunction with countries that have responded more appropriately. China and even Cuba have offered others assistance financial, materials and personnel.

Meanwhile, the US,with Trump’s delays and abdication of leadership (he’d rather play golf), has no unified response. We can’t even field tests for the disease, or enough clean masks and gowns (to protect providers) to say nothing of ventilators.The nadir for me was hearing a non clinician report that it was a wonderful creative idea for patients to share (and cross contaminate) ventilators.

300 people, (loving fathers, mothers, and grandparents) died yesterday of a media hoax. Thanks Mr. Trump you made America ungreat.

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