Maybe It Should be Called the Trump Virus

It’s fascinating that in it’s rush to blame China for not being forthcoming as the pandemic started, the Trump administration calls attention it’s own rather obvious faults.

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 10.13.39 AM.png

Medicynical Note:  Indeed the Chinese were at least unhelpful.  But we should remember that Trump did away with the U.S. government’s ability to track and respond to epidemics overseas by cutting funding to the NSC’s office dedicated to that task; by cutting funding to the CDC’s epidemic tracking teams; and by cutting funding of CDC epidemiologists assigned to the CDC in China.  That organization FYI was one of the first responders to the epidemic outbreak in Wuhan.  Trump in his wisdom (sic) crippled the U.S. capacity to participate in the early tracking and anticipate the spread to the U.S.

He always makes a big deal about stopping the flights from China an thinks, without any supporting data, that he saved thousands.  But it should be pointed out that he neglected to screen  U.S. citizens for the virus infection on their return on the last flights from China and thereby allowed entry of the virus.  He further slowed the U.S. response by publicly stating that the epidemic was a media hoax; by having the flight of fancy that it would disappear spontaneously “like a miracle.”  He did this while criminally neglecting to ready the U.S. health care system for the widely predicted onslaught of the virus. 

So while the Chinese were not forthcoming and/or totally honest our fearless leader literally fiddled around while the epidemic was building.  If he wishes to place blame he certainly should include his actions and in-actions as part of the equation. 

To my mind, our lack of preparation make it the Trump Virus.

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