It’s an Epidemic

Saw these two stories in the New York Times. One presents reality, the other, several proponents of what can only be described as a fraudulent alternative perspective.

Tragically a New Jersey family has had three fatalities from Coronavirus. This is the first case of multiple deaths in one family in the US epidemic. Whether the strain of the virus to which they were exposed was exceptionally virulent or whether they were , for some reason, exceptionally sensitive to it is unknown. I weep for this family.

At almost the same time five epidemic deniers were also featured in an article. They include Falwell Junior, Pinsky, a third rate comedian (whose name I won’t mention), Hannity, a defrocked CBS news type and the forever contrarian Ron Paul. Each has a blind spot dictated by their need for notoriety. They are either stupid or incredibly politically driven to try make facts fit their political narrative. Hopefully they will arrive, sooner than later, disgraced on the scrap heap of history.

Medicynical note: What is there to say about the deniers. First I’d note that the least fact based president in history understands reality better than this motley crew.

Pinsky and Paul, one a so-called addiction specialist and the other a non practicing ophthalmologist, haven’t cared for hospitalized patients in a generation. in Paul’s case his misuse of his Senator label makes me sympathize with his neighbor. Neither understands disease processes and in the case of the coronavirus, that there is a pandemic going on.

Falwell, a doctor in name only, inherited the family business, a university. He is a religious type, also in name only, and is similar to others in the same religion based family businesses in that they are dedicated more towards being making money and being political sycophants than being saintly or even truthful..

Hannity and the former correspondent are hacks–trying for political gain even out of other folks misery. Why they remain prominent has more to do with pervasive ignorance and bigotry in our country than we are willing to admit.

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