Trump: No Confidence

The stock market gives Trump a vote of no confidence. Stock futures for the morning after the Trump speech are down something like 1200 on the DOW.

Two weeks ago Trump called the Coronavirus epidemic a hoax perpetrated by the media and Democrats. At the time he thought he was handling it perfectly and he thought there would be a miracle that would make it go away…… magic. Now Trump lurches to the other extreme and panics. He decided the best action he can take is to essentially stop all air travel between the US and Europe. That is except from those places that host a Trump business. (I.e. the UK and Ireland). There is no mention of Turkey either, another Trump business host.

He took this action against the advice of the WHO and other reputable medical authorities. It’s a sad reality that the epidemic is already well established here and the likelihood of travelers from Europe making it worse is slim to none. His actions are political (for some reason he detests our ally the E.U.) and as meaningful as “closing the barn door after the horse is gone.”

Medicynical note: He never admits an error: whatever he does is perfect: he is a master at the nuances of ………………bankruptcy.

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