Coronavirus: Truth, yet another victim

Truth is yet another victim of this epidemic

Secretary Azar on testing availability: “We had the tests right away, as soon as we got the genetic sequence from China,” he said. “There has not been an instance where a public health official needed to test somebody for the novel coronavirus where they couldn’t get tested.”

Meanwhile in the real world: “Even now, after weeks of mounting frustration toward federal agencies over flawed test kits and burdensome rules, states with growing cases such as New York and California are struggling to test widely for the coronavirus. The continued delays have made it impossible for officials to get a true picture of the scale of the growing outbreak, which has now spread to at least 36 states and Washington, D.C.

Medicynical note: maybe it’s just careful parsing of facts as he sees them but it seems to me to be an obvious lie. In fact, many patients now testing positive were denied testing because the initial CDC test was flawed and/or because of the lack of availability of tests. The political appointee Trump kowtowers in this administration have no credibility. They need to turn over the management of the epidemic to CDC and NIH careerists……..and I do mean Pence, Azar, and Redfield among others. They can’t seem to tell the truth.

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