People Dying from a Hoax……that’s Trump World

There have been two deaths in Washington State in the past two days from a hoax according to our out of touch president. The case count is increasing daily and sadly, despite the first occurrence of this disease in China in December and the fact that countries all over the world have experienced outbreaks, the United States has very limited testing capability.

Medicynical note: Asleep at the wheel, Trump cut the NSC division set up to respond to worldwide epidemic situations by the Obama administration. They also cut many millions of dollars (and proposed more this year) from the CDC budget dedicated to following and responding to epidemics worldwide………including experienced staff.

Complicating the lack of a competent response is our leader’s (sic) belief that it couldn’t happen here. Now he and his media minions including the recently beknighted Rush Limbaugh, are calling the concerns about the potentially serious epidemic a hoax…….just as they have deemed the problem of global warming from human activities a hoax.

And imagine, the US was once a world leader.

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