Trump: Tax Cuts Benefitted Only the Wealthy

Interesting analysis that outs the tax rate of 400 billionaire families (and indirectly our largest and most successful corporations) vs the rest of us. Guess who pays more thanks to you know who.

Medicynical note: And guess whose incomes benefit most from governments tax revenues through military spending, this administration’s energy policies, intellectual property rights policies, border expenditures, agriculture support payments, health care and drug policies, Middle East adventures and tariff wars (etc, etc, etc) ?

Answer: Those who benefitted most from the Trump tax cuts–the largest corporations and the wealthiest citizens whether by inheritance or investment. They get more and pay less.

And guess who benefits least from Trumpism?

Answer: The Trump administration wants to increase taxes on the middle income and below tax payers by cutting the safety net (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Affordable Care Act, etc) and simply ignoring their health care needs? They benefit least and get to pay more.

American Exceptionalism again.

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