I’m Sorry to Say: 70 is not the new 50

Perhaps the delusion is over.

Medicynical note: Bernie is an exceptionally vigorous 78 year old. His run for the presidency has been filled with all manner of promises, unrealistic but attractive, that have captured the imagination of many who haven’t bothered to calculate the costs. He now has little or no chance for the nomination. He represented Trump’s best chance for re-election. The same might also be said for Elizabeth Warren whose plans also seem as pie in the sky and unrealistic as Bernie’s–maybe a tad closer to reality. But IMHO they don’t pass the smell test. Meanwhile Biden, undeniably a nice guy with a sap sucking son bumbles along. And Trump at age 73 continues to play his role of ultra-conservative delusional, pseudo-religionist, misogynist with large intellectual deficits that he tries to cover-up with aggression and juvenile nastiness.

So the best the Democrats can do against Trump is three somewhat flawed aged front running candidates in the most crucial U.S. presidential election in our history. Can’t we do better?……..

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