America is broken: Health Care

Unpaid medical bills are a leading cause of personal debt and bankruptcy, with hospitals from Memphis to Baltimore criticized for their role in pushing families over the financial edge. But UVA stands out for the scope of its collection efforts and how persistently it goes after payment, pursuing poor as well as middle-class patients for almost all they’re worth, according to court records, hospital documents and interviews with hospital officials and dozens of patients.”

“UVA sued patients for as little as $13.91 and as much as $1 million during most of that period, until July 2017, when it restricted lawsuits to those owing more than $1,000, the analysis shows.”

Medicynical note: We are broken. That’s not an opinion but a sad fact. Consider that we tolerate a non system of health care that is bankrupting us collectively and individually. Consider that we uniquely, as policy, deny the risk from global warming and its human activity related causes. Consider that we consider money the equivalent of free speech. Consider that we turn a blind eye to the presence of unlimited numbers of weapons of war in the hands of “sportsmen”, mental incompetents and paranoid self proclaimed “patriots.” Consider that we have judges selected and confirmed who are misogynists, homophobes and racists. Consider that our President and his party’s leadership deny the threat to elections from foreign governments despite advice from our law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Consider that we tolerate the above and that there is a chance we lamely accept the above as American Exceptionalism.

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