The Best Economy Ever…………ISN’T

The President cries uncle and seeks help for the “best economy” (sic) ever. So in addition to personally creating the largest peacetime deficits ever in a “good” economy, Trump is now proposing to raid Social Security in an attempt to revive his slowly tanking re-election.

And Trump’s typical incoherent comment clarified……..nothing.

“President Trump on Tuesday confirmed that he is considering whether to push for a temporary payroll tax cut amid mounting concerns about an economic slowdown, rebutting numerous White House officials who had insisted that such an idea was not under review.”

“Trump’s remarks came one day after The Washington Post reported that several senior White House officials had begun discussing such a move.”

“”Payroll tax is something that we think about, and a lot of people would like to see that, and that very much affects the workers of our country,” Trump said Tuesday during an exchange with reporters at the White House.”

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