The Pence Agenda: Victimhood

We see it frequently in FOX’s America. The empowered with a history of horrific abuse of others claiming…….victimhood.

“Throughout most of our American history it’s been pretty easy to call yourself a Christian, but things are different now,” Pence said. “Lately, it’s become acceptable, even fashionable, to malign traditional Christian beliefs. So as you prepare to leave this place and will your life on a Christ-centered, world-engaging foundation poured here at Taylor University, be prepared to stand up.”

“Pence also praised the Trump administration’s views on abortion. “I couldn’t be more proud to be part of an administration that stood strong on the timeless values that have made this nation great, stood without apology for the sanctity of human life,” Pence said. The vice president didn’t mention the new anti-abortion law that was approved in Alabama.”

Medicynical note: While his administration has tolerated and tacitly approved attacks on the rights and safety-net of the poor, women, the elderly, the disabled, the non-white population, the gay community and other religions particularly Muslims and Jews, Pence covers himself in the robe of victimhood.

Sadly Pence et al want to follow the lead of the Islamic states and convert (literally) the US into a theocracy, all while decrying the terribleness of the Islamic variety. They consider themselves victims because others in their country don’t share their beliefs and goals and decline to follow their interpretation of scripture. They want to forcibly impose their beliefs, prejudices and hatred on the unbelievers, creating real victims.

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