Bernie is Trump’s Choice!

“Bernie has the strongest base and the lowest ceiling, which is a paradox for him,” the top strategist says. “So the more fragmented the field is, the better the scenario is for him. But the winnowing will come about a year from now. Some of the current field won’t make it to Iowa because they won’t be able to make payroll. And the first two contests, in Iowa and New Hampshire, will reduce it to a three- or four-person narrative. Fifty-five percent of the vote right now is for neither Biden nor Sanders, the two high-name-recognition candidates. The question is, who gets the biggest market share of the vote for people who aren’t one of the old guys? We still think it comes down to generation and gender.”

One thing is clear, though: whoever emerges as the main rival to Sanders will hammer the argument that a vote for him is a vote to re-elect the Republican incumbent. “Bernie is the one guy in the field I think could easily lose to Trump,” a strategist for one of his opponents says. “And that scares the shit out of me.”

Medicynical note: Too old, Too much history, Too socialist.

When was the last time a self proclaimed socialist was elected to a national office?

The answer. NEVER!

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