No Shame, and I mean that devout Christian Pompeo

Don’t know what’s worse, the perpetrator or the facilitators (bin Salmon and Pompeo)

“The crown prince was considered “persona non grata” in most democratic parts of the world, Riedel said, apart from the White House. Hopes within the Trump administration that the Khashoggi murder would “fade away” have not materialised, he added.”

“Pompeo’s condemnation of Qahtani comes at a turbulent time for Saudi in Washington. While the crown prince has received steadfast support from his closest allies – Trump, the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, and Pompeo – the country is coming under fire on Capitol Hill, which earlier this month voted to end American military assistance for Saudi’s war in Yemen.”

Medicynical note: These devoutly religious (sic) people (I also include Pence and Kushner but not Trump in this grouping) essentially have condoned the murder of a U.S. resident journalist and are actively participating in the cover-up.

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