In the United States Health Care is about money, not care

“The individuals charged included the chief executives or employees of five telemedicine companies, the owners of dozens of durable medical equipment companies and three licensed medical professionals, the Justice Department said.”

“In Florida, Willie McNeal IV, the owner and chief executive of two telemedicine companies, hired health care providers and then paid them to prescribe braces for Medicare beneficiaries regardless of whether it was medically necessary, according to an indictment. Mr. McNeal would then receive illegal kickbacks in exchange for ordering those braces, the indictment said.”

“Mr. McNeal, 42, facilitated the submission of fraudulent Medicare claims worth nearly $250 million, the government said. If convicted, the government demanded that Mr. McNeal forfeit the profits obtained from the illegal kickbacks and any property that was purchased with those proceeds, including 10 properties in Florida.”

Medicynical note: In an increasingly poorly regulated capitalististic system why scam? Why cut corners? ………because that’s business, because MONEY, because “fiduciary responsibility,” because CEO and other execs stock options, perks, and salaries.

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