Because he is

“SAUDI CROWN Prince Mohammed bin Salman has sent an unmistakable signal to all who hoped he would be moved by the international backlash against his brutal treatment of human rights activists, journalists and other perceived opponents. With the trial of 11 women’s rights advocates still in progress, his security forces rounded up 12 of their supporters , most of whom were detained Thursday. That included two U.S. citizens, in what can only be interpreted as a deliberate provocation.”

“The crown prince is telling the world — and in particular, the U.S. Congress — that objections to the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and to the torture of women seeking the right to drive, have fallen on deaf ears. Maybe that’s because the response has lacked both a practical punch and the support of President”

Medicynical note: blowhards behave this way.

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