My Presidential Checklist

My candidate for president must:

1. Be electable, no cringeworthy moments in the past. No apologies.

2. Remember McGovern. No over-reach.

3. Be a Democrat liberal/progressive and pledge to support eventual Democratic nominee.

4. Not be an “independent.” Their run assures a Trump election.

5. Under age 65, see post on candidate age.  Some room on age.  (I’m 77 and know that over 70 years at election is too old)

6. Support funding for and the concept of a safety net for citizens, i.e. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, support for disabled

7. Propose achievable short term goals along with longer term aspirations.

8. Have a long term goal of national health scheme for all citizens that includes right of access to contraception and access to abortion services

9. Support the civil rights of all citizens.

10. Be committed to the reimposition of environmental regulations

11. Recognize the risk of global warming and commit to joining other nations in solving the problem

12.  Support the separation of church and state.

13. Release tax returns so effect of any future policies on candidates wealth can be discerned.

13. Not be named Trump

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