A Review of Medicare for All

This YouTube is Aaron Carroll’s (Healthcare Triage) take on Medicare for all. It does not include the President’s current hidden from sight health care plan, which may or may not exist.

Medicynical Note: Of the plans Bernie Sander’s is the most grandiose and sounds frankly like the one least likely to ever come into being. It sounds like the ranting of a grandiose, unrealistic 79 year old with no understanding of legislation, our economy, or the current health care system. To put it bluntly what he is proposing sounds as unrealistic as our current President’s various rantings.

The other plans offer different ways forward with more doable and practical ideas that may be acceptable in our country.

Meanwhile our President is touting a hidden plan that promises everything without any details. He assures us that everyone will be able to get insurance but provides no details on how it will be funded and how much penalty those with pre-existing illness will pay in order to get insurance. He will likely rely on block grants to states to fund Medicaid and coverage for those with pre-existing illnesses–in the past when proposed, the block grants were inadequate to cover the population needing care. Unstated but quite likely will be a move to destroy Medicare as we know it. That of course is the republican strategy–undercut Medicare and ration care to the needy and those needing it most.

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