“Self”-certification process for new planes Is Wrong

Boeing certified the MAX 8 without oversight from the FAA

“In October 2017, Brazilian regulators flew to Miami to test out the brand-new Boeing 737 Max 8. The team scrutinized the sleek new jetliner’s flight systems and soon published a list of over 60 operational changes, from landing systems to cockpit displays, that Brazilian pilots would need to learn.”

“Among the new features regulators said pilots would have to familiarize themselves with was the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, a safety system that could nose the plane downward if it sensed a potential stall. The regulators mandated an interactive course for pilots to go over the changes and recommended “two legs of SLF,” or supervised flight, according to a copy of their report obtained by The Washington Post.”

“In those same months, the Federal Aviation Administration was making its final revision to a 53-page report that would make up the backbone of Max 8 training guidelines for pilots across the United States and in almost every other country around the world.”

“It did not once mention the anti-stall system, according to a copy reviewed by The Post.”

Medicynical Note: Self Certification is a little like having your parents hiring someone to correct your college entrance exams and write your college application essay . Good ole American fudging……..except that this lack of oversight probably killed over 300 people in six months.

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