Only in America

Heartwarming story or grotesque parable? Only in America.

“Farnan met Blaze’s mother at OSF Children’s Hospital and quickly became like family. Blaze’s mom didn’t live near the hospital and couldn’t pay for all the care he needed at home. So, she put her son in the care of a trustworthy person – his nurse.

“The good Lord put us where we are for a reason,” Farnan said. She and her husband took Blaze into their home and gave him the intensive care he needed.

The day of his second surgery in March 2018, Blaze’s mother asked Farnan if she and her husband would consider officially adopting her son.”

Medicynical note: The U.S. stands alone in the industrialized world. Only here would a woman have to give up her child because she could not afford the necessary healthcare. But then again we are the only country that separates asylum seeking parents from their children and then professes no responsibility to reunite them

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