I’m back

After A two year break, not that there is a groundswell of demand, I’m going to restart this site.  My emphasis will be on medical issueS and the US political scene.

While somewhat of a downer this article outlines  the challenges we will be facing as we continue to  denying climate change n theLilliputian trump era.

“Once upon a time in America, we could all argue about whether or not U.S. global power was declining. Now, most observers have little doubt that the end is just a matter of timing and circumstance. Ten years ago, I predicted that, by 2025, it would be all over for American power, a then-controversial comment that’s commonplace today. Under President Donald Trump, the once “indispensable nation” that won World War II and built a new world order has become dispensable indeed.”

“As Washington’s global power fades and its world order weakens, Beijing is working to build a successor system in its own image that would be strikingly different from the present one.”


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