The Sequestration Bites: NIMBY to the Nth Power

This is not strictly a medical topic but does reflect the incompetence of our congressional leadership and members, mainly republican.

The point of sequestration was to force congress and the executive into making difficult budget choices in a budget.  Republicans in congress decided it was easier and in a perverse way better for them to simply accept the 10% across the board cuts in the sequestration than negotiate with a Democratic president.  .  The  executive branch warned of the impact both before and after it’s passage. .  Republicans in Congress ignored the warnings and now are claiming ignorance…and they are right.

This is frankly embarrassing in the leader of the free world…’s more like what happens in those “socialist” countries in Europe.  Actually it’s worse because of the wilful stupidity.

He said that he and others at the Transportation Department had been warning since February, before the sequester took effect, that it would cause layoffs that would create air traffic delays, adding that the agency had done everything it could to limit the impact.


But Mr. Rogers insisted, “You didn’t forewarn us that this was coming; you didn’t ask advice about how we should handle it.”

Medicynical note: I wouldn’t trust a repub congressman to drive a car, much less run the country.  Too bad they can’t be sued for malpractice.

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