America’s Olympic Salute to Health Care: Pay More for Less Coverage

People in the U.S. were stunned that the Brits should honor it’s health system at the opening of the Olympics.  Of course they expend half or less than what we do on health care/capita, and get comparable outcomes……and the people are quite pleased.  Visualize a similar salute to American Health Care at the next Olympics in the U.S.  from the Columbus dispatch

The spotlight widens to show 94 primary-care doctors, in multi-colored scrub suits, forming a ring around David Cordani, the CEO of Cigna Health Care, bowing and scraping to honor the fact that at $19.1 million, Cordani made more in 2011 than all 94 of them combined.

Medicynical Note:  Read the article and weep.  The current tea party and it’s repub echo chamber is pressuring states to torpedo any progressive change in health care in an attempt to maintain the status quo—a money grubbing  dangerous non-system.   Good ole American exceptionalism, or is this a form of cultural self immolation, or are they the same thing? 

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