Employment Based Coverage: Going Away

Does anyone need more proof of the total dysfunction of our non-system of care.  Consider that we have over 50 million people without health insurance, and it appears that  a decreasing number of employers offer health coverage

One might ask where all the money paid by insurers for coverage went?    Certainly not in the pockets of the employees. 

It is a fact that proportion of our population covered by insurance from employers declined from about 70% in 2001 to 53% in 2010. (see the above link)

Medicynical Note:  Employer based coverage was a convenient modus but it has become obsolete. 

Our conservative friends like the idea of “free” markets that allow choice.  But they neglect to point out that “choice” goes both ways.  Insurers in their “system” are free to choose who they cover and how much they charge.  If you are sick and/or elderly forget it. 

Their approach undoubtedly will decrease spending on health care…………

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