Bankruptcy, Not Coverage–America’s Health Care Program

Disconcerting disclosure by one of those suing the government about the health insurance mandate: 

Mary Brown, whose case against the 2010 healthcare reform law is pending before the Supreme Court, argues that the government shouldn’t be able to force her to carry health insurance.


The couple have filed for bankruptcy protection, asking a federal court to wipe out close to $60,000 in consumer debts. Significantly, their unpaid bills include $2,750 owed to a local hospital and physicians group and $1,735 to out-of-state medical specialists.

Medicynical Note:  The Brown’s are not unique, something like 60% of those filing for bankruptcy in the U.S. have medical debts as part of their problem. 

We lead the world in this cause of bankruptcy which is essentially unknown in industrialized countries with health insurance mandates.

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