Alzheimers: Bexarotene 1200/day (Please note retraction)

I’m a bit embarrassed.  While checking on comments which were critical of this post I inadvertently deleted the original.  It was not  intended  and I am chagrined that it vaporized into the ether.

In any case the questions raised by commenters on the $1200/day pricing for the drug that I posted, appear valid.   The drug may well  cost substantially less.

My source for that pricing was from an ABC news story  which quoted an “expert:”

“The drug will cost between $1,200 and $2,500 per day out of pocket,” said Dr. Sam Gandy, director of the Mount Sinai Center for Cognitive Health in New York. Gandy said families who said they have “nothing to lose” could risk money and “unexpected side effects of a dangerous treatment, and loss of the loved one rather than the gradual deterioration from the disease.”

As noted in the original post, there is no data that indicates this drug is effective at all in humans or that the Alzheimers model in rats behaves similarly to the disease found in humans.

That said I certainly would hope for a response to treatment.

5 responses to “Alzheimers: Bexarotene 1200/day (Please note retraction)

  1. I call bs on your $1200/day headline.

  2. There must be hundreds, if not thousands, of cancer patients who also have Altzheimers. If they are taking Bexarotene, wouldn’t that constitute a “clinical trial” in place? Or, at the very least, provide evidence of beneficial effects or, possibly, greater harm.

    • It’s not so easy as that. T cell lymphoma, the indication for bexarotene is a relatively rare disease and one would expect that few of those receiving the drug would also have Alzheimers. I’m afraid there is no evidence to this date of efficacy in humans.

  3. i don’t know where you’re coming up with $1,200/day. If you you google
    “purchase Targretin” (the brand name for Bexarotene), one 75 mg pill costs $19.49 from Canadian Pharmacy. You must be talking about $1,200/month. You can purchase 61.57 pills or 2 pills per day for the month for $1,200.

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