Cheaper Generics–An Answer To Patent Abuse

It’s been a long time coming but companies in China and in other emerging economies are finally tiring of the outrageous pricing of drugs by U.S. and other western drug manufacturers. Charging more for a drug, than people earn is not an acceptable business practice in my view. Blackmail would be a more honorable business practice than the drug companies practice of charging more for drugs that might benefit (most don’t have a significant effect) those with serious life threatening illness.

So, it appears drug manufacturers elsewhere are producing these new drugs at a fraction of the cost.

Chinese and Indian drug makers have taken over much of the global trade in medicines and now manufacture more than 80 percent of the active ingredients in drugs sold worldwide. But they had never been able to copy the complex and expensive biotech medicines increasingly used to treat cancer, diabetes and other diseases in rich nations like the United States — until now.

Medicynical Note: 80% of the world market supplied by drugs made in China and India. Amazing.

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