Drug Shortages: If a drug is inexpensive, Pharma won’t make it!

In the rush to market drugs costing $10,000 to $40,000 with questionable efficacy.  Big Pharma has stopped production of inexpensive effective agents including mainstays of treatment:

But shortages have been reported in many categories of drugs, including antibiotics, and drugs central to the treatment of many cancers, forcing oncologists to delay or alter carefully timed chemotherapy regimens.

Hundreds of drugs are involved.  For example in oncology, cytarabine an inexpensive out of patent drug which is an  essential part of curative regimens for acute leukemia is in short supply.     When needed, hospitals and physicians are forced to search for supplies, and in some instances delay and/or change treatment schedules.  Actions that can adversely affect outcomes.

Medicynical Note: It’s a travesty that health care has become  an income opportunity for industry and providers.  Patient care, access and outcomes (and value) don’t seem to be the primary concern–in this case of the pharmaceutical manufacturing people  What has happened to my profession?

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