American Exceptionalism — Health Care Costs, worst in the world

American exceptionalism, not so good:

Health spending is rising faster than incomes in most developed countries, which raises questions about how countries will pay for their future health care needs. The issue is particularly acute in the United States, which not only spends much more per capita on health care, but also has had one of the highest spending growth rates. Both public and private health expenditures are growing at rates which outpace comparable countries. Despite this higher level of spending, the United States does not achieve better outcomes on many important health measures. This paper uses information from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)[1] to compare the level and growth rate of health care spending in the United States to those of other OECD countries. (Medicynical emphasis)

Medicynical Note:  Spending more, no better outcomes.  Inefficient, poor value for the dollar, average quality, 50,000,000 plus uninsured.

Best in the world, or just the most expensive?

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