Need expensive Medical Care? No Insurance? Go to Jail.

15 years ago my wife needed a stem cell transplant and was treated at Swedish Hospital in Seattle. At the time we had great difficulty getting our health insurance to cover the cost of treatment. On the same hospital floor was a man with testicular cancer, guarded by police from our local jail,  having  his transplant.

Times haven’t changed!

Convicted rapist Kenneth Pike, of Auburn, N.Y., is expected to undergo a life-saving heart transplant that could cost up to $800,000 — a price that will be paid courtesy of New York state taxpayers.

Medicynical Note: I don’t object to providing anyone access to healthcare. It’s a humane approach to our fellow humans. Others seem to think it’s somehow the patient’s fault that he/she is sick and, regardless of their insurance or financial status, that they must bear the burden of their care or do without.

Is that the new American way?

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