Novo TFF for Glioblastoma, better than nothing?

A New device for glioblastoma, reports survival as good (sic) as chemotherapy in relapsed brain tumor patients, without side effects.

The FDA approved the device for patients with aggressive brain tumors that have returned after treatment with chemotherapy and other interventions. Patients with recurring brain cancer usually live only a few months.

Studies showed that people using the device lived about as long as those taking chemotherapy, roughly six months. However, patients using the device had significantly fewer side effects.

And also noted:

A 237-patient study failed to show a survival benefit for patients using the device, compared with those taking chemotherapy. Patients in both groups lived just over six months, on average.

Medicynical Note:  The efficacy of Novo TFF is  minimal.  The study reports a survival of just 6 months after evidence of recurrence in patients treated with radiation and chemotherapy.  The results speak more to the ineffectiveness of  chemotherapy after relapse, than to the effectiveness of Novo TFF. 

It remains to be seen whether Novo TFF (or salvage chemotherapy) is better than supportive care (Hospice) in this situation.  It certainly will be more expensive.

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