Guns — An American Public Health Problem

Is this the most pathetic story imaginable?

The teenager who worked at a gun show where 8-year-old Christopher Bizilj accidentally killed himself while shooting an Uzi testified today he twice suggested the boy’s father pick a less powerful weapon for the boy to shoot. But Christopher’s father, Dr. Charles Bizilj, insisted that his son be allowed to fire the automatic weapon

Or is this one?

Medicynical Note: American exceptionalism at work.

Addendum: The attempted assassination of Representative Giffords 18 people shot, 6 killed.

Addendum 1/20/2011: Nine campuses were locked down after a school officer was shot outside El Camino High, a day after two students were shot in Gardena. A Bell student was also shot on his way home.

Addendum: 1/24/2011 Think it might be the guns?  Or is it just Americans asserting their 2nd amendments rights?  11 police shot in 24 hours.

Addendum: 1/30/2011 Mother shoots children, they were “mouthy”

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