How to control Health Care Expenditures — Have A Recession!

It’s reported that in 2009 heatlh care costs increased by the smallest amount in 50 years:

Total national health spending grew by 4 percent in 2009, the slowest rate of increase in 50 years, as people lost their jobs, lost health insurance and deferred medical care, the federal government reported Wednesday. Still, health care accounted for a larger share of a smaller economy — a record 17.6 percent of the total economic output in 2009, the report said.

The economy contracted while health spending continued to grow.

Medicynical Note: This decrease in spending means little when one considers the annual inflation rate in 2009 was -.4%. and as noted the % of GDP spent on health care rose to a record 17.6%. Of course this happens in places where politicians make up their own facts to suit their views.

And that is not only in America.

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