Surprise? No! Health Care Costs exceed inflation, as usual

No surprises here:

The average, per capita cost of providing healthcare services in the United States rose by 7.32% for the past 12 months ending in August, a rate of inflation wildly above the 1.1% overall inflation for the same period, according to new study by Standard & Poor’s–almost seven times the rate of inflation!

Medicynical Note: We have few options in the battle to control health costs. The notion of a market based system is deeply flawed. See here and here. Continuing the Rube Goldberg approach with various fixes for people in different situations–the uninsured sick, the impoverished, the don’t want insurance but want care in emergencies, the children of families without insurance, those with kidney disease and so on–doesn’t work and is too expensive. In the end we will get what we deserve and it would seem that a large portion of our population, who wish to repeal reform, deserve nothing.

I still don’t understand the mentality of those who posit that we need to keep government out of Medicare. Explain that, would you?

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