Texas, Only in America

Fascinating article regarding Texas’ hypocritical reaction to health care reform.

In a perverse way one must admire the republican/conservative ability to sell positions that are not the consumer’s best interest. Thus they continue to oppose regulation (“set business free”) after ample evidence that business needs it to protect not our only our country’s financial interests but also to keep the industries themselves from imploding. Remember Enron, the S&L crisis, our current financial crisis, and our ongoing BP spill. True you need dedicated competent regulators but the notion we can do without regulation seems a recipe for our certain ruin.

After cutting taxes early in the Bush administration, they lead us into two credit card wars. Our grandchildren will be paying for our adventures in Iraq and Afganistan. This act alone created over a trillion dollars in debt which was further aggravated by the “Bush” tax cuts. Now our republican (and some democratic) friends oppose rescinding the the tax cuts that created much of the debt over which they now obsess–see article. Make sense? No!

In Texas, where the article points out the there are 6.1 million people without health coverage, the republican leadership is moving to challenge and demagogue the constitutionality (with other states attorney generals) of health reform.

Meanwhile the non-system of care in our country slowly implodes. And the jackals of health care feed on its’ carcass by raising prices, and rates and worrying most about their bottom line, not the care of our population. Quite amazing and literally only in America.

Parenthetically at the same time in the state of Texas, bureaucrats, presumably with the blessing of the conservative state government hedge:

“Sometimes it seems a little schizophrenic,” acknowledged State Representative John M. Zerwas, a Republican who favors the law’s repeal but also leads a House committee that seeks to maximize its benefits to Texas. “There are plenty of laws out there that I might not agree with. But if the law of the land says we have to do it, the last thing I want is for Texas to not be prepared or not put things in place to comply.”

One response to “Texas, Only in America

  1. Florida is no better. We are one of the states which want to “opt out” of the catrastrophic insurance pool. When I lived in Wisconsin, if my wife lost her job I could join the State’s HIRSP high risk insurance pool. Expensive, but there if you needed it. The sky didn’t fall down or the earth stop spinning! But here in Florida, if she loses her job–tough! I’m out of luck. Lots of others in same situation. These states aren’t being responsible or compassionate. Pat Killingsworth

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