Nothing like ignorance, Vitter Style–Questioning the Avastin decision by FDA

It’s amazing to see misleading and uninformed medical information not only on web sites but from the mouth of what can only be termed an elected ignoramus.

Avastin over time has been shown to be a very expensive placebo ($50,000-100,000/year for the drug alone). It adds little or nothing to other, I might add, much less expensive regimens in breast cancer. A reasonable view is that the FDA erred initially when approving the drug for this indication and it’s good practice to not continue using an expensive useless drug.

Unbelievably David Vitter a Senator from Louisiana recently found cavorting with a prostitute takes issue with the FDA decision. He rejects the negative recommendation as being tantamount to a “death panel.” Not only is Vitter hopelessly ignorant, he is politicizing health care setting a very dangerous precedent that does not bode well for politicians, the drug approval process and seriously ill patients.

Perhaps he is unaware of the waste and expense of our health care non-system. Or that we spend 50% to 100% more than other countries per capita on health care. Or that this drug alone costs more than the average salary in our country. Or that other countries have not allowed the use of Avastin for this purpose because it is ineffective.

Medicynical Note: Our non-system of health keeps taking stranger turns.

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