The Health Care System from Hell

This family represents the failings of our health care establishment. Some issues:

1. A system that facilitates insurers dropping coverage.

2.. When you lose work you lose insurance.

3. Individual ratings discriminate against those who need the coverage most.

4. Care is compromised by delays–(shame on MD Anderson)

“But during Jake’s check-up in December, Ms. Walker told the hospital that her son would be uninsured at the end of January. She said a hospital official then told her that if she was not able to pay up front, she should take her son elsewhere.”

5. Texas’ high risk pool is almost useless for those with financial limitations because of high rates which range from $400-1200/month.

6. Cobra, as indicated, uses individual ratings which in this case resulted in a charge of over $1300/month.

7. Health care costs cause bankruptcy

Medicynical Note: The system is designed to facilitate profits for insurers and providers while disregarding the needs of patients.

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