An 11 year old murderer? TOO MANY GUNS

Another child murderer. An instant of misjudgment and this youngster took the life of his father’s pregnant fiance, ruined his own life and that of his father.

Is this what the founders had in mine with the second amendment? Guns are too prevalent. We need some regulation here too.

Addendum: 2/26 Adding insult to the injury of our ridiculous gun laws, is how we imprison child killers. Imagine having this problem in the first place. We facilitate murder by having guns so available and their use so commonplace.

“Pennsylvania has charged Jordan with two counts of first-degree murder in the February 20 shooting, and placed the fifth grader behind bars. Jordan’s new home is the Lawrence County jail’s 8-by-10 suicide-watch cell.”

“Should Brown receive the maximum penalty, he would join a select fraternity, one that includes Eric Smith, who killed a 4-year-old friend when he was 13, and is now serving a sentence of 9-years-to-life in upstate New York. And Joshua Phillips, sentenced to life without parole at the age of 14 for killing his 8-year-old neighbor in 1998. Phillips began serving his sentence when he was 15 in the prison’s “general population,” sharing an open dorm with dozens of adult men”

Medicynical Note: This says more about our culture and values than the excessive verbiage and pontification of the right.

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