Vitamin C and E Prevent Cancer? NO

My naturopathic friends must be feeling a little quackish given their use, and sale through their offices, of myriad vitamins to prevent numerous diseases. Recent data debunk that notion:

“Coming on the heels of two studies discounting the usefulness of vitamin B, folic acid, vitamin D and calcium supplements for cancer prevention, U.S. researchers report that vitamins C and E supplements won’t help prevent cancer, either.”

“The participants experienced a total of 1,929 cases of cancer, including 1,013 prostate cancers. Overall, 490 men taking vitamin E developed prostate cancer compared to 523 in the placebo group, a difference that Sesso said was not statistically significant. Similar r esults were seen for vitamin C. The overall risk of cancer generally was also not statistically significant between the two groups.

“This is a very large, long-term clinical trial, and it was determined there was no effect from E or C,” Sesso concluded.”

As noted in the same article:

“When you take the nutrient out of its natural environment, it may not be protective,” said Jennifer Crum, a nutritionist at the New York University Cancer Institute, who added that in foods, vitamins and other nutrients likely work together to provide protection against cancer.”

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9 responses to “Vitamin C and E Prevent Cancer? NO

  1. Don’t believe the rubbish the drug companies feed you. This study was a simple scam; you can find a detailed rebuttal here:

    This study is a disgraceful piece of propaganda. What the study shows is that supplementation lower than the suggested levels required for cancer protection, don’t protect you from cancer! Duh!

  2. The recent studies have nothing to do with drug companies rubbish. They were prospective controlled studies of the use of these vitamins comparing the benefits of vitamins with placebo. In these instances vitamins proved to be as effective as placebos, that is they had no additional value to the patient.

    The earlier studies cited in the above link were questionaire studies that did not monitor the patient for use or non-use of medication and did not include information of confounding variables. They would be inherently unreliable.

    Unfortunately, vitamins have at best limited disease prevention activity.

    I’m always amused at the natural health and “longevity” types criticism of the pill popping culture while they simultaneously propose popping of “their” pills (available of course at nominal cost only from their offices) as being better. Somehow I don’t get it.

  3. Good informative article, and one of the best ones that I have researched. I have bookmarked this blog for further browsing.It’s an excellent post. I hope that there will be a very effective measure to prevent and also to cure all kinds of cancer

  4. Cynic, you are full of S*^t!
    As a former Critical Care Registered Nurse of 13 years, I believed all of the Propaganda and hype the Drug reps were selling, as Gospel Truth. But since losing my career,and essentially my livelyhood, to LIPITOR, because I, as millions of others believed the Cholesterol causes heart disease myth, when I fell victim to lipitors UNREPORTED,UNPUBLISHED effect on the Mevolonate Pathway, the blocking of Ubiquinone Production, Ubiquinone, aka CoEnzyme Q10, is an extremely essential product of normal cellular metabolism, and it is a known FACT that statins effect on the metabolic process, known as the Mevolonate pathway, literally blocks the bodys ability to produce this essential and vital nutrient. In my case, robbing my brain of CoQ10 essentially assassinated many of my normal functioning neurons or Brain Cells, also done was the Mutation of My Mitochondrial DNA, causing me to suffer from MELAS (Mitochondrial Encephalomyopathy with Lactic Acidosis and Stroke Like Episodes. As per Dr. Beatrice Golomb MD.,PhD, lead researcher of the UCSD Statin Effects Study of which I was a participant, and per her reviewing my case with one of the worlds formost Mitochondrial Experts, Dr. Douglass Wallace of the UC at Irvine.
    Since this occurred in 2002, I have been left unable to work in any capacity. If you need more proof, I have thousands of articles which will sustain these facts.
    PS before believing any “scienctific” study, find out the financial ties to the funding source. This often predicts the studys findings.

  5. Speaking of vitamin D, it behaves in such a way inside the body that it is classified as a hormone. It is involved in an important task known as the mineral homeostasis that deals with the regulation of the gene expression and also that of cellular differentiation.

    • Vitamin D undoubtedly does something. But how much is enough? Supplementation in controlled studies appears to have little efficacy in people eating normal diets other than perhaps a placebo effect

  6. It is useful to know that consuming Vitamin D is useful for treating chronic pains. Since a lot of diseases create pain and in some way or the other, are triggered off by inadequate supply of vitamin D in the body, proper supplementation of vitamin D can help ease the pain.

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