PHARMA’s Unethical Suppliers

In a monetized health care system profits not health care are the goal. I’ve been critical of our pharmaceutical industry because their pricing is predatory and not related to their actual costs of development. (See previous posts on drug costs)

The NYTimes today documents further the extent that these companies will compromise standards in order to maximize profits. It even surprises me. Check out the picture in the article of one of PHARMA’s suppliers.

“A hugely popular blood thinner used in surgery and dialysis, heparin turned out in some cases to contain a mystery substance that sophisticated lab tests earlier this month determined to be a chemically modified substance that mimics the real drug. The United States Food and Drug Administration has linked it to 19 deaths and hundreds of severe allergic reactions, though the agency is still investigating whether the contaminant was the actual cause.”

“We can blame the Chinese for this stuff as much as we want, but the truth of the matter is we are the people who are buying,” said Joseph G. Acker, president of a chemical trade association.”


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