The $300,000-$400,000/year drug, Cerezyme

There is little to be said about this except it’s an increasing problem.

“But critics say the company’s development costs were minimal, because the early work on the treatment was done by the National Institutes of Health, which gave Genzyme a contract to manufacture it. And analysts estimate the current cost of manufacturing the drug to be only about 10 percent of its price.”

We get to pay for drugs twice. First paying for the basic research and later when companies simulate blackmail (“your money or your life”) in their pricing. As noted previously the Dole-Bayh legislation, from the 1980’s, which facilitated the movement of government funded developments into the private sphere requires reasonable pricing of advances. Needless to say this part of the legislation has never been invoked.

The only rational for such pricing is to gouge patients, their families and insurers. For those who advocate a McCain like health insurance scheme, imagine the cost of insurance for those with such illnesses. The benchmark of the free market health industry is how much money you make and make not how much suffering is alleviated.

We’ve turned the concept of healthCARE on it’s head.

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