Generics on the rise? Get Glivec, Gleevec, (imatinib) in India?

Noted this patent suit article this morning. We need more of this as long as manufacturers charge confiscatory amounts for their drugs.

Referenced in the article is the fact that Glivec (Gleevec in the U.S.), a great drug for Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia and a few other relatively rare malignancies is available in generic form in India at 1/10th to price elsewhere. Novartis charges in the range of $2600/month for this medication. For the record the drug is excellent and was developed largely with government research funds. When taken private by the drug company only a few very small clinical trials were necessary to prove it’s efficacy. The pricing is ridiculous considering the previous extensive government funding, the short clinical trials and the life and death nature of it’s use.

You could travel to India several times a year, if necessary, to obtain this medication, and still save money. Shame on us!

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