The Right of Choice

A few weeks ago two sets of sextuplets were delivered within one day. Both pregnancies were assisted by drugs and/or invitro fertilization.

The Arizona babies seem to be doing better though the mother was reported to almost have died of heart problems after delivery.

Both couples were informed of the multiple birth pregnancy and its risks and decided to proceed because of “ethical” considerations. Now after delivery three of the six Minnesota babies have died and the other three are in critical condition–a forth child has subsequently died.

The Minnesota couple noted: “We continue to trust in the Lord and are hopeful for a good outcome for Cadence, Lucia and Sylas,” The Arizona dad intoned “We’re blessed and excited,” he said. “I keep coming back to the Bible verse that says, ‘God will never leave or forsake us.'”,

These are risky pregnancies, 1/3 of these children died, with abundant problems for both the mother and the children.

Parents should have the right to choose to accept exceptional risk in pregnancy and given the exceptionally high fetal and maternal morbidity they should also be able to decide not to accept such risk. \

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