Health Insurance–Buyer Beware

The push towards high-deductible health insurance offers the industry yet another way to game the system. Consider the analysis of costs of pregnancy care in the Post–High Deductible Plans Cost More for Maternity Care.

“The study found that those enrolled in a traditional health plan for federal employees (with a $500 annual deductible and $20 co-payments for office visits) would likely pay $1,455 out of pocket for care during an uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery. That compared to $3,000 for families in a high-deductible plan for federal employees and $7,000 for a high-deductible plan offered through small businesses.”

The employer’s goal is to cut costs and thus they provide few options often with skimpy coverage and high deductibles. The employee in these situations has limited or no choice and simply must take what he/she is offered. It’s really not buyer beware but rather take it or leave it.

We can do better.

One response to “Health Insurance–Buyer Beware

  1. Hi, I’m the webmaster for Karen Pollitz’s website, . Karen is one of the co-authors of the study.

    Karen is a pretty awesome health-insurance-affordability advocate and her site — or rather, the site of the project at Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute that she directs — has tons of free documents that anybody can download to get more information about what health insurance and healthcare payment assistance options they have when they feel like they’ve run out of options. It’s a lifesaver for a lot of people.

    So, please pass along the word, and please also let us know if you see anything on the site that’s helpful or that needs fixing. Thanks!

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